Club Grounds and Club House are located off Hwy 61

DIRECTIONS:  From Hwy 61, turn east on County Rd 84. Our main grounds and pond are located just off the the road as you leave Hwy 61. Follow County Rd 84 for approximately 2 miles, cross over a small bridge and turn right at the first farmhouse. Follow this dirt road back to our club house.

Pond Rules

  • Use of club grounds are for members in good standing only.
  • Be cooperative and courteous with others who may be training.
  • Always employ humane training techniques and set a good example for other people training, our neighbors and people driving by.
  • Do not drive on wet areas of grounds.
  • No camping is allowed on the pond property.
  • Pick up trash, marking tape, spent shells, etc.
  • Make sure you have recovered all birds and training dummies.
  • Dispose of training birds offsite.
  • Re-lock gates after training.
  • Every Tuesday is reserved for member professionals who have a signed agreement for their annual use. These pros have exclusive use of both sets of grounds from sunrise until 5pm. 
  • Alert a Watopa board member immediately with all concerns.

Club House Storage Policy

  • Club members in good standing are eligible to rent indoor winter storage at the club’s clubhouse near Weaver, MN.
  • Cost per year is $100 per trailered boat, or vehicle. Canoes and skiffs placed on top of trailers will not be charged extra. Discrepancies on what constitutes a trailer, boat, or “stored item” will be decided by the officers of the club.
  • All stored items must be removed one week prior to both the Spring and Fall WRC licensed field trials. If further events are added to the WRC calendar, removal one week prior will be mandatory.
  • Items not removed one week prior to WRC event will be removed by the club and a $50 fee will be assessed in addition to the annual storage fee.
  • Failure to pay storage fee and/or removal fee will place individual membership status in jeopardy.
  • Payment to be made to WRC treasurer prior to storage of items.
  • Any conflicts or discrepancies will be reviewed by the officers of WRC.